When Is It Best To Chow Down on FRUITS?

From the studies done, the best time to eat fruits is between two meals; more accurately, it means taking fruits 2 hours after meal or 1 hour before meal.  Do not eat fruits with empty stomach and right after meal. 

Fruits have plenty of vitamin C, fiber, and pectin that can reduce cholesterol level in blood.  Taking fruits one hour early will ensure easier vitamin absorption by body.  As fruits are mostly taken in raw form, taking raw fruits followed by other cooked food will not generate more white blood cell and it helps to protect body immune system to fight diseases and cancerous cells.  Taking fruits right after meal will not have these beneficial effects.

fruits photo


Fruits are low calorie food, which calorie is only 1/4 of noddle, 1/10 of meat

Taking in first low calorie food such as fruits helps to prevent overeating.  It takes stomach about 4 hours to disintegrate proteins, 6 hours for fats, and only 1 hour for fruits.  Taking fruits right after meal means the disintegrated fruits are remained in stomach for few more hours waiting for fats and proteins; thus, having more chance to decay.  In addition, fructose will not easily be absorbed by body when fruits are taken right after meal. 

The left over fructose will stay in stomach and produce organic acid causing bloating and diarrhea. 

For those fruit lovers, make sure fruits are taken 2 hours after meal or 1 hour before meal.  Do not take fruits right before sleep as it affects sleep and gives indigestion particularly with high fibrous fruits.  If you cannot resist the temptation, take fruits 2 hours before sleep; it will give sufficient time for complete digestion.