Raw Food Diet and Humans

Raw Food Diet is the diet which is eaten without any cooking or preparation. Usually organic foods are used as raw food.

There are different types of raw foods depending on the requirement of the person who is eating it. Fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. are the most common raw foods.

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Variation in Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet has a large meaning and there are various categories of raw foods. Raw food category is depended on the choice of the humans. Raw vegan food is one type of raw food diet. Raw plant foods which are not heated or processed over 40º C are called raw vegan foods. Doctors believe that foods cooked above this temperature loss their natural nutrition value and become less effective. Heating can cause the death of enzymes. It also can form toxins which is very dangerous. People who follow raw food diet are very nutrition conscious. They do not want the wastage of natural properties of food. So they always try to take raw vegans.


Raw vegetarian diet is another type of raw food diet in which meat, fish, and poultry is not included. But dairy and eggs are allowed in raw food diet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. are the common vegetable diet. Raw Food Diet includes animal foods also. Animal diets that can be eaten raw are called raw food diets. Meats, fishes, dairy, etc which are not heated over 40º C are called raw food diets. People who are habituated to raw animal foods believe that food cooked over this temperature is not perfect for eating and may cause harm to the human body.

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History of Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet is a specialized diet system which was invented in Switzerland by a medical doctor named Maximilian Bircher-Benner. He did some experiments of the effects of raw foods in the human body. In 1897, his experiment was successful and he started publishing his experiment. Later people around the world realized that destroying the nutrition facts of a food is not a wise decision to make. People started liking raw food diet and nowadays it is a very popular diet around the world. Especially people of USA and Europe are more habituated in raw foods.

Preparation of raw food

Raw food diets need very few processing. As a result they are very easy to prepare. Advanced planning for preparation of raw food is important for proper result. You can use some accessories to make the preparation easier and bring variety in the preparation. Blender is such an accessory. You can use it to make fruits liquid. Preparing juice is very easy if you use this device. You can preserve raw foods by freezing though freezing reduces the enzyme count. Freezing is an acceptable method.

Harmful effects of cooked food

There are many harmful effects of cooked food which must be taken care of. Many toxic products are formed in the food for the heat used in cooking. You have to avoid using extra heat. A very effective and good diet is raw food diet. It will save your time and give you a good balanced diet which is very important for a human being.