Soil Based Probiotics

Raw Health’s Soil-based Organisms – Soil-based Bacteria are more resistant to stomach acids

How do Soil-organisms Work?
Soil-organisms are very resilient to stomach acids and the digestive process. These microorganisms move through the stomach to the intestinal tract where they form colonies along the intestinal walls. Soil-based Organisms (SBO’s) live and reproduce in the intestines. They actually compete with the “harmful” bacteria for receptor sites, crowding out the pathogens and taking their place. Once established, the organisms quickly produce a more conducive environment for absorbing nutrients and helping to reestablish the proper intestinal pH.

  1. Probiotics work form the inside of the intestines dissolving accumulated mucousplaque and undigested food material.
  2. Soil-organisms have the unique ability to breakdown complex foods into basic elements. This can allow for improved absorption through the digestive system.
  3. Soil-probiotics can aggressively recolonize the intestinal tract to assist in maintaining a healthier environment, opposed to a less desirable environment containing harmful molds, yeast, fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses.
  4. Soil-probiotics work in symbiosis with tissue and organ cells to metabolize proteins and eliminate toxic waste.
  5. Soil-probiotics provide critical Lactoferin supplementation. The organisms produce Lactoferin as a by-product of their metabolism. Lactoferin is an iron-binding protein essential for retrieving iron from foods.

Soil-organisms vs. Traditional Probiotics
Traditional probiotic supplements can have a hard time colonizing the intestinal tract. This is more complicated when the person’s proper intestinal pH is imbalanced or there are too many harmful bacteria present. SBO’s can be more successfully implanted into a hostile intestinal environment. Most traditional probiotic supplements contain live cultures that are both temperature and age sensitive. For this reason they require encapsulation, refrigeration, and/or have a very short shelf-life. Soil-based Probiotics have around a three-year shelf life and do not require refrigeration.

Use of Soil Based Probiotics

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Soil-based Probiotics are naturally occurring micro-organisms. They are a natural component for proper intestinal homeostasis. These organisms were once part of our living nutrition diet when we gathered, cultivated, harvested, and consumed naturally occurring and wild plant-based foods. Organically grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the most efficient sources of living nutrition. To function optimally, we must consume three to five servings of fresh plant material daily. They must then be eaten within several hours of harvesting. Otherwise some of their subtle nutritive components are lost. Please read the info relating to our super green food Vitamineral Green.

Micro-organisms are the janitors of the intestinal system. A lack of these beneficial bacteria will contribute to intestinal dysfunction, one symptom being constipation. Poor bowel elimination will inevitably result in a condition known as auto-intoxication. This condition is a poisoning of the body from a built-up waste material that eventually leaks into the rest of the body, hence the term associated with this condition is called leaky-gut.

Unfortunately, for the last 50 years, commercial farming education and methods have been sterilizing the Earth’s soil with pesticides and herbicides. This kills most of the good and bad soil-based bacteria. The modern lifestyle that contributes to the demise of beneficial bacteria includes use of anti-biotic, ingesting and showering with chlorinated water, artificial food additives, chemical ingestion, and environmental pollutants. All these factors contribute to the destruction of the remaining beneficial micro-organisms in our bodies.

Proprietary vegan blend: 40 strains of soil-based organisms (S.B.O.), chicory extract (F.O.S.), chelated mineral and micro-molecular plant minerals. Only what Nature intended!

Directions: For a maintenance dosage use 1/4 tsp. 1-3 times daily For a saturation dosage slowly increase your daily dosage to 1-2 Tbl.. for 8-12 weeks. The saturation dosage is strongly recommended after all intestinal cleansing and any anti-biotic usage. May work best when ingested with food. Soil-based organisms can be impervious to stomach acids. No refrigerating is necessary, yet store in a cool area. Promote vitality within your body and also eat more organic living nutrition that naturally have a greater abundance of soil-based organisms.

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